Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blog Award

I have about a thousand million trillion blogs that I follow. My favorites are some popular blogs such as Niotillfem and Elinkan, but I do not see the point in awarding an already popular blog an award from,
That is just like giving
Francesca Anobile a faster sledge.

I just cant help myself with the jokes. Woops, sorry.
Anywho, award!

First award goes to Magic Goo.
She is one of my best friends and besides the fact she doesn't have a camera for good photos, her blog has great potential. She is adorable I assure you that :)

Second award I give to
Pigeons Look Silly When They Walk.
Again, a best friend of mine, but an utter delight to read. She looks like a 1940s film star and has the 90s grunge look down-pat. Very well worth the read.


  1. Good choices - i love both of those blogs!

  2. I only just got to read this post. Dads computer makes me angry and Inverell gets no internet reception for my iphone. Thanks for the Blogging award :)

  3. How strange, my friend talked about the blogg Niotillfem a few days ago. I completly forgot about it until 10 minuts ago, when i remeber it and tried to remember the namne of the blogg. I didn't, so just send a text message to my friend and asked her about it. And five minuts later, i saw it on your blogg...