Friday, July 3, 2009

Wedding Dress

Just to clarify, no, I am not getting married. But isn't it just wonderfully 1960s? I am in love. It is a wee bit too small for me, but I plan to sell it on Etsy, as much as I don't want to :(
I am going to hold on to it as long as I can and hope I don't find myself in a desperate money situation and have to sell it. Heart breaking it would be.
The lace on the Trail is just amazing. It is just amazing. All amazing. Such a good find.

I have to work tomorrow. I guess I like my job. I work at one of those photography places where you dress up in old time costumes like 1800's through to 1920s and we photograph you in character :)
It is great on quiet days because I can just listen to the Beatles and wish I lived in the 1920s. I find it hard to resist getting into costume and running around screaming "WHAT YEAR IS THIS?! WHERE AM I!?!?" while dressed up in a giant Edwardian dress and hat.


  1. i'm tempted to ask you if i could wear this to grad...but i would look more like a bride than a crazy teenager. good find, good job. i'm eating tuna with mayo with corn and and coffee. yumm. tomorrow night lets go out for cheap dinner in an expensive restruant.
    i walked past your work place yesterday, and i could just image your bursting out into the harbour screaming "WHERE IS THOU?"...

  2. Gorgeous dress, what a great find! I like the pictures very much as well.

  3. this wedding dress is seriously beautiful. i can understand why you've been hogging it. i would probably hog it for as long as i live.