Saturday, July 4, 2009

What I wore

Dress: Gigi Bazaar (vintage store in Yandina)
White coat: Brought off a friend (thrifted)
Shoes: Nil
Hat: Vintage Fair

I love the way these photographs turned out. It was almost dark outside, so dark the camera wouldnt focus. I turned on flash so I could at least figure out where to place myself then switched to self timer. The orange light from the bottom isnt the sun, its actually the porch light O.o
It was quite scary to see the photograph turn out so bright even though it was really dark outside. I was half expecting a figure to appear behind me in the photograph, like in the movies. To which I would turn around all like "What you be doin' in my photo aye bruddah?!" and get all gangsta on their ass, running after them with no shoes on and throwing bits of clothing. I would appear back inside, naked, and mum would say 'WHAT THE HELL TASH' and I would begin to tell her how a hobo appeared behind me in my photograph so I kicked his hobo ass all the way back to Caboolture.


...When people see me on the street they expect some try hard hip kid that listens to indie music and drinks decaff at Starbucks. I am not sure I live up to that expectation. I spend my weekends playing Sims2 and watching Avatar - The Last Air Bender, while switching back and forth between ABC kids and Disney. Wow, If I actually dressed to match the way I talk I think I would be seen in the street wearing giant kids shirts with puppies and some weird slogan on them and hats with rainbow spinney things. Immaturity is bliss. Hope you all had a lovely day :)


  1. Those pictures are gorgeous, that hat looks just perfect on you. And there's nothing wrong with a good puppy shirt.

  2. ...we 'hip kids' actually drink soy lattes (we love our caffeine!) and we hate starbucks =P think - hole-in-the-wall type artsy little coffee shops where the baristas have tattoos e.g. Brother Espresso on Margaret St in Brissy - one of my favourites ;) besides, what's not to love about indie music?? hahaha how egocentric of me...

    love your vintage outfits and witty humour! =]