Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Paper clip

I think that Merlin show looks really bad. Almost as bad as the Eragon movie. I love that book! They ruined it. Tempted to track the makers of that movie down. Shave their pets. That would teach them. I also wish to track down whoever canceled Mr Squiggle. The guy that did the puppet died... Although why was it canceled :( Lame.

I brought a skirt. Although I am keeping the name of the shop a secret. My own little selfish secret. Once I have wiped the store out I will make it public.
Thank you universe.

What the..?

.drocer selteeb a ekil leef I .yllautca looc etiuq sti kniht I .yhw aedi on evah I .sdrawkcab gnihtyreve gnipyt si retupmoc ym nosaer dreiw ylaer emos rof.

Translation: My computer just started typing everything backwards...

Umm, what was...oh.
Endos is too expensive.
Though I scored the fill a bag for $10 deal.
I filled that bag good.
Got a top!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spot the difference

I have my seedy moments.


I changed my room around. Now every morning I wake up to the freezing cold breeze coming in my open window, which is right next to my bed! Awesome! I don't plan things well.
I also have a flood light as a lamp.
And a tiny lame excuse for a bed side light.
And the interior of my bedroom looks like a 5 year old kids haven covered in posters and cut outs from Vice Magazine.

There's also an assortment of teddies and 'pink' things. I don't know why for I am far from girlie...I guess it just exploded in room form. Pink explosion.


I sploded.

Shes an African

Who's an African? I'm an African. African child. *insert pedophile joke here*
Under my bed, under my bed, under my bed!
Daaa dum de dum!

More photos Here

I stole this shirt from father. Yes, its a mans shirt and I am wearing it as a dress. Then again I beg to differ that he is a man. He is a dad. Not a man. A dad man. Man dad. Hi dad!

Since I have basically raided every single op shop on the sunshine coast I have decided to re-raid and check out the mens shirt section. Heck I'm bound to find something? Wear it as a dress. Add a belt.
I think its quite an irony I am allergic to dust when I spend every waking hour in op shops...dust heaven.
I just walk in and busily run around finding beauties and rush out to be over come by an intense sneezing fit.
Thanks universe :)

Monday, April 27, 2009


I can't believe I'm so bored I turned on the television to find Desperate Housewives playing and left the television ON. Gosh I'm basically drowned in white trash.
I now know why the boyfriend pays me out when I say I don't have enough clothes...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Blossom girl,

This, my sick minded blog seeking friends, is the Cherry Blossom Girl.
Don't you just want to gobble her up?
I chose the most miscellaneous photos purely because I want more randomness in my outfits. I'm really only posting a blog for the novelty that I'm posting a blog. I have a bed full of clothes to fold. Here I come Narnia...


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I found these two on Style Clicker.
I love everything about the girl on the right. She has inspired me...I think I might try and find a fake fur coat. If it is fur I will just lie about it.
I think...a white fur coat with mustard stockings...
Yes. I think so.
I now have a mission.

Its not raining.

Weather lady is a big fat liar. Like the movie. Shes going to grow to a ginormous size and stomp around causing havoc. Dumb bitch. Shes all like IT WILL RAIN and I was all like OK WEATHER LADY YOUR NOT FAT and shes all like ITS NOT RAINING and I'm all like FAT LIAR!

I was up last night playing Sims. If you couldn't tell my desperation for a couple more hours sleep.
I have this great swede (yeah bitch, swede haha) mini top mother found for me, I just have nothing to wear it with. We are off to Caloundra to pick up my copy of GTAIV then to an op shop hopefully to find a high wasted black skirt I can cut up. Or a white one. Either way...Toodleooo

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I has a hat

I need a boost juice. A berry crush. God I love boost juice.
All I did at school today was wait and wait until it was time to go home and play sims. I brought apartment life. I know I am a lamb sheep thing but it keeps my attention and stops me from eating bucket loads of Milo. I do that whole thing where I drink the milk then make chocolate at the end. Its like theres an orgasm of chocolate in my mouth.
That actually wouldnt taste too good...
Eww....Orgasm milk.

Distraction. This is my creation:

Monday, April 20, 2009

Basement Cat would be proud.

Today was a fun day. I conquered the city with my other half Ryan. First we penetrated Queen Street then went on to get down and dirty with Paddington. Although during the down and dirty-ness in Paddington I realised my favourite store was closed...
But its ok because I has an awesome.

Spending the whole day speaking lol-speak never gets tiresom.
School tomorrow.
Vomit. Everywhere. Then roll around in it with teachers and classmates. Take photos and post them on Make money. Avoid eye contact with those involved for a couple of months. Leave the state. Make more money with a jar of peanut butter and a micheal jackson look alike.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

This is me

This is a photo my lovely blossom took for me.
He is named after the powerpuff girl. Except he doesn't have red hair and boobs.
My eyes are all like 'NEERRR we are big' and such. He made me upload it.

Diner dress

I call it a diner dress because it used to be down to the floor until I hemmed the bastard. Ha. Bastard dress. I like to wear it because I feel like I am part of a 50s sitcom where all the ladies have pointy boobs and the men don't have bulges where their willies should be.
I'm wondering why I look so sad.


Browsing wardrobe remix once more...I was contemplating joining it but at the moment I don't really have any photos of outfits. Good photos anyway. I could go back to my midget idea.
Hire a midget to take photos of me.

And he could tap dance.
And he could come with a personal bush and sing and dance around it!!!
I'm a genius.

This is the colour I want in my grad dress:

She sort of looks like a gypsy crossed with an elf crossed with a super hero.

This is actually the same girl as my first image post. The one wearing the hardcore wasted pants. Orange photo? I don't know but I was on her flickr and it took me a while to realize who it was. Either way shes stunning.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Beyond Retro

I recently visited London with family during last Christmas. Taking the opportunity I researched Vintage stores within the city and of course I found Beyond Retro. My god it is so beautiful...I ended up spending the equivalent of $400!
In the end I came home with 3 Play suits, a sixties miny dress and I actually cant remember what else.

During the time I was in London I got my heart set on a pair of 50s heels. Not too tall, white and definitely the point heel. But could I find them? Nope. Went home empty handed.
Until a couple of months later I decided to check out the local recycle center...
What do I find?

Blue and White! They fit me absolutely perfectly too. $2 each. Right in my home town. I don't know why anyone would shop main stream when finding good vintage is so much fun :)


I don't know what it is about fashion blogs that bore me. The pictures are great inspiration but isn't that all you ever glance at? The pictures?
I decided to read a couple of blogs and to be completely honest I was really bored. There is no originality, humour, or point to the paragraphs. Most the time its just lists of stores and what the blogger did that day.

I hadn't looked at many other blogs before starting my own, but in a way I'm glad I just jumped right in here with no research. Otherwise I'm afraid I would have been a bit reluctant to using humour in my blog.

Basically I hope I shine a light on Blogger bringing a little bit of sick and twisted origionality into fashion. Dont worry I wont be posting any images from Vogue or any other main stream fashion magazine or website. I dont fancy any modern styles and even the vintage inspired fashions currently in Sportsgirl make me sick.

I really dont like you Sportsgirl.

Oh no! Jeff died...

I am currently entertained by a cup of cordial.
The cup is covered by hundreds of ants swarming and being antyish...

I could clean it and spray the little fuckers but instead I am playing god and pretending each ant is fighting for the best spot of sugary goodness.
Jeff (ant 1) and Paul (ant 2) are chasing each other around while Suzy (ant 3) and Bob (ant 4) are engaging in some kind of sexual ant intercourse...

Oh wait! Jeff turned out to be gay and now Jeff and Paul are making ant porn.
I think Suzy is dead.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dr. Martens

I want to have sex with these shoes (below). Im not sure about sexing them up. I could hire a midgit. A midgit with a big penis. I don't know.
I want a midgit with a big dick to have sex with these shoes.

I just really like Dr. Martens :)


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yellow Stockings

I admit they are not mine. But my good friend Jenna's. And I have failed to come to the conclusion whether they are yellow...or mustard. I think I'm allergic to mustard. O.o

The shoes are from Rubi Shoes.
They are my favourite.
But they are broken.
And the store has run out of my size.
The lady working at the store was quite alarmed at how sad I was when told they didn't have my size. She was quite persistent calling every store in east Queensland so I wasn't sad >.<>

The shorts that Lived.

My sewing skills are about as good as an unborn fetus.
Aka I really suck.

My nanna decided to teach me the ways of the needle and thread, but my mind can only handle so much learning...
Either way I have learned how to live with not hemming stuff.
I just go with the 'messy' look.

I was packing for Toowoomba when I came across some old shorts.
So I sat upon my lovely pile of unfolded clothes and cut through to narnia...

I found these denim high wasted shorts at a giant endeavor in Caboolture. My favourite op shop of all time ^^
I brought them knowing I was going to rip them to shreds, I think the final result is quite crappy, but it works.
The rainbow shorts were from Box Vintage in west end.
First thing I ever brought from there actually -.- But they were way to long and I looked like a clown...considering I have clown hair.

I was like sideshow bob, but with breasts.

I cut them (not knowing I would like result) without measuring or pinning. Just hardcore scissored my way through.
I like them now.
But I dont even have a sewing machine.

So for now its just all hand jobs.

Hand jobs...


I have the flu.
And quite ironically its the school holidays.

Got back from Toowoomba Monday night after 5 hours of transport...
Then there was a delay at petrie!

But instead of going to work I'm sitting in my room surrounded by tissues watching shitty anime and eating frozen grapes.
The father is back so he can fix my computer and WALLAH new photos from the festival are up.

Loads of great people there, met a couple of really sweet girls :)
Their photo will be up in a jiffy.
At the moment I want hot chocolate and a different head.

I look like Edward Scissor hands.

Although I guess looking like Johnny Depp is bonus...
Hence I now have a dick.

Peace and chicken grease x

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wish List

I need coloured stockings! I can not seem to find them anywhere. All I want is pink, aqua and olive. Oh and orange. All I can find is dark blue, dark purple, and dark dark dark brown.

I guess I'm inspired by these lovely ladies:

All from style inspirations, modcloth blog. I think a couple of them are from wardrobe remix though...
Still so pissed off that all my images from my old computer are gone. I had about 200 photos to blog...Now I have to go through and find them again :(
No school. Got B for art and B for film and tele.
Im a happy camper.

Oh woopee 2 days till AGMF!
Im worried I wont have money >.<>

Monday, April 6, 2009

Oh deary me, last day of school term tomorrow! Only 2 more tests and off to TOOWOOMBA. 'Woomba for short. Pssh shizdick. I hate waiting for things. Thats why I can never put stuff on layby. I do anything to get it. I would even sell a child. Pedo Bear would be proud.

Why did I post...
Before my computer crashed -when I had a billion saved images for posting- I was just about to upload photos. Inspiration. As much as I hate saying it...Style Inspiration. Ew.
Even worse than saying im a student.

I think this girl should be my future lover.
She would have to keep her clothes on.
Could be messy.

...but I like messy.
Shes worth messy.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


My computer is completely screwed. As soon as I turned the button it decided to repeatedly beep at me.


After constantly throwing the thing at a wall it just decided not to turn on MORE and cark it.
So now I'm stuck with my old one, and I have lost all my old information, photos, kiddy porn, and assignment work.

What can I say, broken computers, exams and rain make me as cheery as one of Mark Rydens bunnies.

Thanks universe.