Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The shorts that Lived.

My sewing skills are about as good as an unborn fetus.
Aka I really suck.

My nanna decided to teach me the ways of the needle and thread, but my mind can only handle so much learning...
Either way I have learned how to live with not hemming stuff.
I just go with the 'messy' look.

I was packing for Toowoomba when I came across some old shorts.
So I sat upon my lovely pile of unfolded clothes and cut through to narnia...

I found these denim high wasted shorts at a giant endeavor in Caboolture. My favourite op shop of all time ^^
I brought them knowing I was going to rip them to shreds, I think the final result is quite crappy, but it works.
The rainbow shorts were from Box Vintage in west end.
First thing I ever brought from there actually -.- But they were way to long and I looked like a clown...considering I have clown hair.

I was like sideshow bob, but with breasts.

I cut them (not knowing I would like result) without measuring or pinning. Just hardcore scissored my way through.
I like them now.
But I dont even have a sewing machine.

So for now its just all hand jobs.

Hand jobs...

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