Friday, April 17, 2009

Beyond Retro

I recently visited London with family during last Christmas. Taking the opportunity I researched Vintage stores within the city and of course I found Beyond Retro. My god it is so beautiful...I ended up spending the equivalent of $400!
In the end I came home with 3 Play suits, a sixties miny dress and I actually cant remember what else.

During the time I was in London I got my heart set on a pair of 50s heels. Not too tall, white and definitely the point heel. But could I find them? Nope. Went home empty handed.
Until a couple of months later I decided to check out the local recycle center...
What do I find?

Blue and White! They fit me absolutely perfectly too. $2 each. Right in my home town. I don't know why anyone would shop main stream when finding good vintage is so much fun :)

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