Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Its not raining.

Weather lady is a big fat liar. Like the movie. Shes going to grow to a ginormous size and stomp around causing havoc. Dumb bitch. Shes all like IT WILL RAIN and I was all like OK WEATHER LADY YOUR NOT FAT and shes all like ITS NOT RAINING and I'm all like FAT LIAR!

I was up last night playing Sims. If you couldn't tell my desperation for a couple more hours sleep.
I have this great swede (yeah bitch, swede haha) mini top mother found for me, I just have nothing to wear it with. We are off to Caloundra to pick up my copy of GTAIV then to an op shop hopefully to find a high wasted black skirt I can cut up. Or a white one. Either way...Toodleooo

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