Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shes an African

Who's an African? I'm an African. African child. *insert pedophile joke here*
Under my bed, under my bed, under my bed!
Daaa dum de dum!

More photos Here

I stole this shirt from father. Yes, its a mans shirt and I am wearing it as a dress. Then again I beg to differ that he is a man. He is a dad. Not a man. A dad man. Man dad. Hi dad!

Since I have basically raided every single op shop on the sunshine coast I have decided to re-raid and check out the mens shirt section. Heck I'm bound to find something? Wear it as a dress. Add a belt.
I think its quite an irony I am allergic to dust when I spend every waking hour in op shops...dust heaven.
I just walk in and busily run around finding beauties and rush out to be over come by an intense sneezing fit.
Thanks universe :)

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