Friday, April 17, 2009


I don't know what it is about fashion blogs that bore me. The pictures are great inspiration but isn't that all you ever glance at? The pictures?
I decided to read a couple of blogs and to be completely honest I was really bored. There is no originality, humour, or point to the paragraphs. Most the time its just lists of stores and what the blogger did that day.

I hadn't looked at many other blogs before starting my own, but in a way I'm glad I just jumped right in here with no research. Otherwise I'm afraid I would have been a bit reluctant to using humour in my blog.

Basically I hope I shine a light on Blogger bringing a little bit of sick and twisted origionality into fashion. Dont worry I wont be posting any images from Vogue or any other main stream fashion magazine or website. I dont fancy any modern styles and even the vintage inspired fashions currently in Sportsgirl make me sick.

I really dont like you Sportsgirl.

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