Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fifties Doormat

I brought the skirt and just needed to put it into an outfit...end result? A fifties door mat.
I almost feel like something out of a fairytail. Infact, I had a fairytale childhood. My Grandma was eaten by a wolf.
*slams head into wall*
"LIAR!" "shut up shut up your not real!"

Umm, anyway...
I think it would be great to live in a fairytale. Then again, is it just me, or is this 'Prince Charming' guy a bit of a player? I think I am reminded of Enchanted. I ADORE that movie. The lame inside me is just seeping out. Like a bat with the runs...
On a completely unrelated note, I think I need to seek professional help.


  1. hahahaha prince charming is grabbing you from behind, like a wolve would do, maybe he's the wolve and he's going to eat you from top till toe! enchanted is so fun! big hearts for patrick dempsey! ps, your skirt is so sweeeet with this outfit, and your cape, i want a cape so bad! it's also kinda fairytale, i want it in red!

  2. so charming..loved your pics. the cape is just amazing.

  3. You look like a ballerina going on a dinner date. The purse really tops it off just right.

  4. I have a purse just like that one. The outfit is darling and so are you, as always. Love the cape, so enchanting. And, I think Prince Charming was a player :)