Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Amazing 70s Dress

(sorry the photographs are crappy quality...)


  1. only $6?! Great find.

    ..and thanks for the comment - made me smile ;)

  2. ha... you"re so lucky!
    the print is beautiful and the front of the dress is just perfect!

  3. Do I see freckles?! Love 'em. My 5yr. old, Charlee, and I look for new ones on her nose everyday, and she likes to count mine. :P

    This dress is pure magic for so many reasons: butterfly collar - check, plunging neckline - check, fabric covered buttons - check, puff-a-lump sleeves - checkcheck, fitted bodice/cinched waist - check, floorsweeping skirt - check, pleating - check, dizzyING pattern - SUPERcheck, PRICE - whoa mama! Fabulous find, chickadee.

    Thanks for following! I'll be doing your post by the end of the week. Haven't had as much evening time as I normally do to get it together. Damn those pesky responsibilities!

  4. oh my goshness that is one lush dress and for such a bargain! love it ^^