Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Today me and mummzy penetrated Montville for lunch. We got Chicken Tandoori Curry! Mmm curry. Then we headed to Nambour for some thrifting and I brought a sixties dress from the Time Machine. It doesnt fit. But after some throwing up and a breast reduction (or midgit transformation surgery) there might be some luck? I hear anorexia is totally hip.
For that matter, how come anorexia is an eating disorder?
I would have said it was a 'not eating' disorder.
Too far?
Ok ok well anorexia is a serious issue but, let's face it, the problem isn't getting any bigger.


Anyway...this is what I wore today :)

Oh! And I would also love to thank In Bug's Drawers for giving me a blogging award :) I'm new to all this blogging stuff (even though I have posted a total of 116 blogs O.o)and its great that I have people reading and appreciating the shit I post about :P
Spank you dearest!


  1. Thanks for stopping over at my blog...I left you a response over there.

    Congrats on your reward. I've really enjoyed going through your archives so I guess you kind of deserve it. :P

    I swear - I think hats and tights really make an outfit.

  2. Hahaha, I totally agree with you on anorexia being a "not eating" disorder! You are freaking hilarious. And might I add, frakking adorable?! I want to give you many hugs. Oops, hope that wasn't too forward of me.

    Anyways, I love yr outfit, right down to the black tights paired with the black flats. It looks like a comfy ensemble to boot! And congrats on the award! You deserve it - although I am kinda new to your blog, I've been really really enjoying it.

  3. Hahaha, your welcome - you are the silliest thing and I adore you and your blog!