Sunday, June 21, 2009


I was extremely lucky to be the photographer at a beautiful wedding. The bride looked fantastic and it was a privilege to photograph her. The dress was exquisite and the reception was a dream. What a lovely night :)
Ok enough of the happy shit. The mother of the groom was NUTS! She was like the mother-in-law from hell, running around screaming and picking up babies. I was even tempted to trip her (a number of times...with the babies...)
But overall I had fun. Photographing a wedding is a bit like stalking. Just follow the Husband and Wife, lots of action shots, make sure you have all the family and most of all don't cross paths with the mother-in-law.

P.S. I took 441 photos, ran out of space on my card half way through a group shot and I kicked one of the guests because she kept taking photos in front of me. Whore.


  1. That was very brave of you and I'm glad it worked out and you took some great shots that I'm sure the couple will love :)
    I was asked to do a wedding and flat out said no haha, couldnt handle being responsible for something like that hah.

  2. LOL, sounds like it wasn't too bad for you. I am not a fan of how crazy people act at weddings - I will refuse to allow people to act like that at my wedding, its just not that serious.