Friday, June 19, 2009

The Weekend Ahead

A BEE??!!
I am quite looking foward to this weekend :)
Tomorrow I get to play with new born kittens all morning at mums friends house...Must resist the urge to take them all home! After that I have to photograph a wedding. I am so nervous. What if they hate the photographs? What if it rains? What if everything I take is blury? What if I just fail at everything?!
Then work on Sunday.

Doesn't all sound that fun come to think about it.

I will make it fun by turning up to the wedding naked, then rocking up to work in a giant fur coat and heals!
I am going to watch Muppet Treasure Island.
"One leg Jim, count 'em, one."


  1. LOL!!!!!!! I love your sense of humor and your hair is darling, might I add. Sounds like a pretty productive weekend. Good luck on the wedding. Just focus on the cake and how yummy it will be to eat it and then your worrying may go away - lol, i dunno :)

  2. i hate to break it to you man, but muppet treasure island is on my shelf *sinks into chair, then into the floor, then into the centre of the earth*