Monday, June 8, 2009

Movie Marathon

I am so freaking tired, but proud of myself. I completed an all-nighter and watched all three movies at the movie marathon. I did not sleep a wink and watched the sun rise on the bus trip home. The whole time I couldn't wait to get to a nice warm familiar bed as we headed back to my boyfriends. After the walk home I stumbled into his room to find some drunk in his bed... I cried.
I cried.
When I was in the shower and the shower wouldnt go any hotter...I cried.
My mum wouldnt pick me up because I over slept (untill 4pm) so I cried.
Just then when I found out I have no ice tea left, I cried. But just a little.
I am the biggest pussy when I havent slept.
My light bulb just blew and my bed is freezing.

I really need to sleep.

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