Friday, June 5, 2009

Vintage Two's

Here is a collection of great Vintage pairs and couples : ]

I love the story of these two above. His father owned a jeans factory and as it shut down these two got boxes and boxes of old discarded clothes! They are absolutely adorable and I bet they drink tea and watch Monty Python.

Vice Magazine had a theory about couples matching. In a way it seems more true the more I look at couples. They just rub off on each other...literally.

"The grossest thing about couples that match is you can tell they fuck too much. Somehow they have projected their own megalomania onto each other..."
Vice Magazine (rest here)

There was more to that quote although I have to keep it PG. As much as I want to share my sick mind with the whole world I just have to bare with the fact your all living with your heads in the sand and I just have to wait until someone comes by and shovels you out of the ground and plonks you in reality. It would be a great day. I would be there on my podium giving my speech and smiling at the great view before me. I would face the piles and piles of ignorant people and address them calmly;

"I had a dream..."

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