Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Amazon Books

Everyone has their lable. Like on How I Met Your Mother. At school there is Christian Girl- the one you know has a crush on god. Bike Girl- the school bike, everyone has had a ride. Although I really, really hope I am in the year book as Sick Minded Girl. I am constantly browsing sickipedia.org and love a low brow joke about societies taboo subjects. If nature intended you to be wicked it would be wicked not to be....and oh boy am I wicked. After seeing super bad and the 3rd grade penis drawings scene I just had to find more.
So I tried.
Tried my hardest (and seriosly, try searching 'penis drawings' in google images...very pretty results I assure you).
But after about an hour and a half of searching I found it.

I couldn't have come across anything better.

Amazon I am pretty much your slave right now.

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