Monday, December 14, 2009


I don't think I have ever wanted anything more than this for Christmas. Dear Santa, I will buy you all the naked elves in the world, just please bring me this suit of awesomeness :3


  1. Santa shall hear this and grant you this magestic suit. You deserve it cuz you're brilliant :). Oh I wanted to thank you for the ever lovely comment you left on my blog about the fig trees. You're so lucky to have'em in abundance there! And I hope you can see snow someday, you can come up here to Canada sometime and see it for yourself. Winters aren't very friendly here though, especially for me, I'm actually Cuban! And so you can imagine me, cursing at the cold. Tee hee :]

  2. ohh a suit like that would be amazing! >< Do they actually sell them someplace?!


  3. I saw that a while ago! they sold out in like minutes i think.
    $$$ pricey tooooo