Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Winter Inspiration

I could spend hours browsing and I cant wait until this Australian summer is over. I am dying to wear oversized coats, black waist high socks and little black heals all with floral dresses and vintage hats. I think I might murder summer alltogether actually, fuck the sun up. I be all up in its grill, ya'll...


  1. I adore over-sized coats and high waist socks also, cute pics!

  2. i've been feeling the summer strain also. i cant seem to find an item in my wardrobe that doesn't require tights to go with it.

    also your bedroom looks absolutely awesome, your wardrobe is enviable!

  3. I love all these looks so much!

  4. Hi Tasha, did you do the picture of the 2 girl from above? She is wonderful? Or did you find it on Can you tell me where it's from? that would be great...smilla