Friday, December 11, 2009


I did it, for all of you. I braved the summer heat for my lovely little blog followers. *sigh* I cant wait until winter...

On a completely unrelated note, I freaked myself out today...I thought I felt little bugs in my hair. I shook my hair, ripped a little out in a frenzy of fear and disgust only to remember I spent the day at the beach...and I had sand all through my hair...
Now there is sand all over my bedroom and my head hurts.

Then again I wonder if the sand really isn't sand. Maybe the sand is bugs. Like, smart bugs disguising themselves as sand to be more inconspicuous. Or maybe they arent really bugs at all. Maybe they are aliens, using my hair as a base and I have doomed the entire world to slavery and everlasting pain because I killed their queen in an elaborate attempt to save my soul...



  1. Wow! This is one of the first times that i see you wear something else than a pretty dress! And i gotta say, you look just as sweeet! Love the cute tshirt!! :D
    And its really warm in NZ too, very high humidity, gotta agree that its hard to be creative with outfits at such heat!

    Hahaha bugs in your hair? I hope it is only sand! :P

    Goodle x

  2. Your insane imagination is inspiring. People would be less boring if they were a bit more creative...
    I'm totally jealous that it's summer for you. I'm not a big fan of winter myself. I love hot, humid weather. I just think it would be weird to celebrate Christmas in the heat. And for that heat to be measured in Celsius... but god I hate the American standard system. So useless.


  3. It's so cold here right now. I really want to wear my new Mickey Mouse bathingsuit, can I come over?

    I like your bearshirt. It's awesome.

  4. Sand could very well be ailiens, and they're here in exchange for the Mayans wich left the earth a long time ago. You know you're incredible? I wish I met people like you every day who came up with awesome odd superstitions like that. You are lucky for that glowy sun, I've frozen my ass already and we've only had snow fall twice. Sometimes I just hate Canada, the country's fine, but the weather!! Oh dear..

  5. Oh! I forgot to say I really dig those massive leaves in the pictures.

  6. I really love your shirt! You look beautiful!

  7. that is an awesome shirt.. i am jealous :)