Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bob & Terri

This is Bob and Terri. Bob and Terri are extremely creepy floral bunnies brought for 20c each at a recycle market. Say hello Bob and Terri!
They love climbing trees together!
Bike riding is one of their favourite past times!
This is Bob and Terri, chillin' in da fridge.
Oh, um. How did this get here? It's exactly what it looks like...
But oh no...
Whats this? Bob is cheating on Terri with Alfie the birthday bear!!!

Poor Terri.
But wait! What Bob doesn't know is that Alfie the birthday bear actually has sparkly-bear-itus, a rare disease spread from bear to bear. Although if this disease is spread to a bunny the bunny automatically turns into the lowest of all lows...the bunny turns into...oh gosh I cant bring myself to say it! HE TURNS INTO A TWILIGHT FAN! :O

Sorry Bob.
Oh, and I'm totally mentally stable.


  1. Ahahahahahahahhaahah.
    Bob, how dare you cheat on dear Terri!

    I think the hot weather in AUS makes your post even more awesome! xD

    Goodle x

  2. i think bob and terri are related...

  3. hahaha. This totally freaks me out.

  4. hahaha they are just a bit creepy >< But that makes them al lthe more interesting, does it not? haha
    ..turns into a twilight fan?! my god now! That would be a horrid fate for any bunny, creepy or not!


  5. Oh my my, my step sis read this post with me and I'm pretty sure it just about made her day, even her weekend. Just like it did mine. :) Brilliantly funny