Thursday, November 26, 2009

Schoolies - Day 1

Ok, so Schoolies is where year 12 graduates celebrate the end of school through licensed events and police supervision. From a year 12 graduate point of view, it is a time for skanks to wear head bands as skirts and "accidentally" leave their dignity and virginity at home. Around 20 000 graduates from all around Australia flock to the Gold Coast and hire out appartments for a whole week, every night partying untill about 2am in the morning. Not wanting to miss out, Jessica and I made our way down to the Gold Coast to hit up the action. Jess assured me that we had a place to stay, but upon arrival we saw that it was a TINY two bedroom flat with 15 - 20 people all sleeping on the ground. So, naturally, we left and hired out a little appartment around 15 minutes from schoolies. During the day we did a little shopping, ate a little mixed salad, and got a little dressed up for a big night :)

Making love <3


  1. Shit that's a good looking dress you're wearing!

  2. What cute glasses! You look great, as always!

  3. Am i seeing L&P drink on your table? :D
    "it is a time for skanks to wear head bands as skirts..." that cracked me up ahahaha ,i can see that its true by looking at the photos of all the girls wearing short as dresses!
    Well done for being original! :)

    Goodle x

  4. oh wow! That's a different idea for the end of school! neat~
    Have fun!