Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lace, Lace, Lace!

This is by far my favourite thrift store find. I have opshop days in the nearby beach town and last Wednesday I found one I had never seen before! Hidden away in a back alley! Sitting on the mannequin was this dress, just calling my name, for only $5! But wait, there was competition! Standing across from me was a bogan girl with ripped jeans, scene hair and a cigarette. There was a stand off. She headed for the dress but I outsmarted her. I walked into the opshop and asked the lady to get it off the mannequin for me. Bogan girl had to watch as the lady handed the lovely floral and lace dress over to me, I smiled and ran for the changing room, jumping up and down in excitment like a special kid :)
I mean, honestly? What would she have done with it? Used it as a pillow while smoking pot? Worn it as a costume? The thought just scares me.
Its ok dress, I saved you from the bogan scene girl. Your all mine <3


  1. Hahah i love the story behind this!
    This dress is freakin awesome!! specially the lace detail and the floral print, hah just a tad jealous here! :D

    Goodle x

  2. good save! I would have run towards that dress too!

  3. I'm so glad you saved this dress from what could have been a terrible fate. And I like your witch boots.

  4. That is an amazing back-story!
    The lace detail on that dress is wonderful, congratulations of finding/saving such a brilliant piece!

    ( love your hair, by the way!)