Thursday, November 19, 2009

Graduation Night

Last night was my year 12 graduation, and I finally got to wear my dress! It was such a lovely night and everything went absolutely perfect.
Now tomorrow is my last day of school, ever. It hasn't sunk in yet but I guess I just need some one to walk by and throw a badger at my face and scream "ITS OVER BITCH".

*cries hysterically*
Oh and me and my lovely boyfriend got voted Cutest Couple! :)
Dress: Etsy
Shoes: Thrifted
Purse: Gift from friend
Pearls: Great Grandmothers
Lovely mum <3>


  1. aw, i miss the curls, but damn! you're hair looked amazing. the eyemakeup itself was a sight to behold. you clean up nice, girly!


  2. Oh, goodness me. That dress is stunning. Great find! You looked lovely :)

  3. ahhh your dress is wonderful! no wonder you won cutest couple!

  4. Someone threw a badger at my face when I graduated. Better watch out.

  5. You look so so pretty (not that you don't usually). The hair! It's gorgeous.

    Also, IT'S OVER, BITCH.

  6. Wowzers Maaate :D you looked stunning! The lace dress and your hair/makeup! Awesome car too :)) I like how your graduation is so big and festive!
    It is weird to finish school eh... i quite enjoyed it :( Whats your plans for the future?

    Goodle x

  7. Oh and P.S the jacket with tassle/fringe is my newest DIY :) ill share it soon on my blog! :D

  8. Your dress is so pretty! That colour is just fantastic~ Congrats on your 'cutest couple award!'

    Oh! also, I gave you an Award on my blog today, if you'd like to check it out ^^

    Have a great day!


  9. aw, happy graduation!! your dress is adorable and you look amazing.

  10. oh gosh! you look SO pretty! that dress is amazing! exclamation points! congratulations! more exclamation points! woo!

  11. You two are absolutely adorable - congrats on surviving high school!

  12. You looked fab. You just might be one of the few ppl who look back on their high school formal photos in 3 years time and actually don't cringe. =P btw you're my inspiration to cut my hair short and get a perm! whoot

  13. Honestly: your dress is the best of all!!! It's absolutely wonderful!