Saturday, November 14, 2009

And The Clock Struck Sexy.

A little fluffy dog ran into my yard this morning. My cat then proceeded to attack the window in an attempt to get out, which got me thinking.
Wouldn't it be cool if cats could turn into little hulk cats?
Picture this right, my cat approaches the window, stands on her back paws and begins to rip her fur until she emerges as HULK KITTEH! She bashes down the window, jumps from the second story of our house and lands near the dog. Hulk kitteh then pulls out her wand (because now she is kitteh potter) and yells "ENGORGIO!" The dog then turns into a giant dog and my cat then yells "Wingardium Leviosa!" and the dog gets lifted onto the next door neighbors roof. I beleive it would look something like this:

My cat then returns to normal cat and eats some grass.


  1. Hurray! -applause-
    I do believe you've created a literary opus here!


  2. Grand story! Oooh I'd love to hear those everyday. Such a mighty cat