Sunday, September 13, 2009

Celebrations at School!

I have had the most fantastic weekend :D
Three whole days of celebrations for my 18th! I will post each day separately just so all the photos can have a go ;)

So Friday at school was such a fun day with friends (even though I wasn't eighteen till the next day!) and we had cake and hugs and a picnic!

I GOT A NEW LENSE FOR MY BDAY! 18-200mm! *screams and slams head into wall*


  1. You are so cute! Happy 18th! Are those your school uniforms? They look sweet! haha

  2. Happy belated bday, lady! Nice lense.....hmph. >:(

  3. Happe belated birthday! 18 seems incredibly exciting. The picknic is just as adorable as those cup cakes! Yum yum!