Monday, September 28, 2009


Today I received an anonymous comment on one of my posts, this is what he/she said:

"I admire you for trying to bring your humor into your blog, but seriously some things are not funny (ie rape, the term "pussy," and other derogatory words or comments). Some things (ie peninsaurus) are funny while not being a punch in the gut to others.

Yes, it's fun to be silly and immature, but there are some times when you really need to grow up."

That was really uncalled for.
Well, Mr. Anonymous, I have the right to free thought and free speech. Its your choice whether you agree or disagree with my jokes. Not everyone can have the same beliefs. It is just a bit of black humour.
If an audience attends a comedy festival that has been advertised to contain black humor, they expect black humor. Someone who is easily offended would not attend a comedy festival if they didn’t like offensive jokes. Someone offended by taboo subjects are not forced to watch taboo television programs. They are not forced to attend comedy festivals that contain black humor. These shows, events and blogs are simply available to those who wish to watch, attend and visit them.
To be completely honest I think people have more important things to worry about than taking offense to a joke.
So Mr. Anonymous, see that little red X in the top right hand corner of your screen? Click away :)


  1. i was really excited when i read your blog...its refreshing to read a humorous and artistic blog.

    also thanks for the comment :)

  2. I can't believe there are people so blunt and narrow minded out there in the world. Honestly Mr. Anonymous, get a life! YOU have the right to your own beliefs, YOU have the right your own sense of humor, and YOU have the right to your own choices. So if you please, Mr. Anonymous, would you be so kind as to stop avaiding other peoples rights to have their own and freedom of expression. Just in case you have forgotten you read this blog using your own freedom of choice, and you also had your own freedom of choice to leave it; but instead you decided to inforce your own opinions on others in a rather hurtful manner. The only anagonist here is you.

  3. Believe me...I know about freedom of speech. I'm just trying to let Miss Tasha Jade know that some people who actually really like her blog get really turned off at times when she uses the aforementioned words and phrases. You can be funny and crude without doing it to the nth degree. I have a friend who was raped and if she were to see Tasha using the term so lightly, she would be hurt all over again by realizing how ignorant some people are of others suffering. I also know people who have fought to come out of bad relationships where they were constantly referred to as "pussy" or "cunt" and words like that. It is not funny to them, it is real.

    Tasha, I like your blog. I follow your blog. You are a terribly creative and beautiful girl. I'm just giving my opinion. You know what? I'll still come to your blog because I like it, but I think the last thing you want is to hurt other people, even if unintentionally.

    And now let me post this and click the big red button in the left corner.

  4. well i say you are allowed to have your own sense of humor, because this is your blog...yeah, some people might be offended by it, but you're not here to please them. if people get turned off by your humor, they have the right not to read it. i for one love your humor! we need to take things lightly every once in a while. if somebody's hurt by your blog, then they shouldn't read it.

  5. Well all I can say is, pussy rape cunt shit fuck bel-air niggers.

    Sorry, but someone had to do it hahah.

  6. Hey! Black humour can be soo funny sometimes.
    My best friend is all about black humour, seriously! :D

    It's sad how people as such tell you that it's not funny at all. People have their tastes,really its your blog and you write what you want :)

    Goodle x

  7. Fuck that commenter! I love the humor you bring to this blog.

  8. Amen to that! That comment really was uncalled for, jeez. The humor you post in this blog is just right to me and hillariusly daring, and I love how it tickles my gray days.
    That commenter needs to loosen up.

  9. fair enough about free speech but the problem is most of those that allow their humour to go to excess also dont tend to care for other aspects of life such as treating all people fairly as they see it all as theirs .they are the ones who tend to create most violence oppression and hatred in this world so the attitude of free speech being an excuse is completely lame and a total piece of falsehoos

  10. Just because I beleive in freedom of speech doesn't mean I completely discard all other opinions and 'aspects of life', and it is quite cruel that you beleive that. I just beleive I have a right to express myself the way I please, with out always having someone bitch and complain. The world is too negative and oppressed and needs some honesty and humour. That is all I'm trying to accomplish.