Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Bow Tie

If you leave a little comment I will permanently name my left ear Batman and the right one Robin. To prove it I will take photographic evidence for my next post.


  1. great dress!
    and I am commenting just so you can permanently name your ears batman and robin. because that is just plain awesome!

  2. That dress is very cute! I like how you paired it with the shoes and socks!

  3. I'm not sure how little is little...
    Like I could say that is a very good looking dress you are wearing and I like your hair very much... But I'm worried that might make the comment a little too long.
    Perhaps I'll just cut it down to this.

    Dress - cool, hair - fucking great.

  4. This is a cute little dress. Is it vintage?

  5. Seeing a dress like that makes me feel all fresh like as if I'd just walked through a happy sprinkler.
    Those are lovely names for your ears!

  6. here is a little comment...

    your blog makes me smile and giggle

  7. Adorable!! You are a doll. Come by my blog sometime, blog buddy :)