Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sour Cherry

Last night me and my boyfriend went to a friends bonfire party! It was really lovely, sitting around, chatting. I told some sick jokes and then we all ate sausages (ironic, I know). I just got home from work and had a lovely little nap... until I remembered we have no hot water at the moment :(
How unfair!
I'm hungry too.
I feel like a spit fired care bear.
Or a lolly flavoured shoe.
I am going to eat toast.


  1. Are they our school shorts...?
    haha, make anything look better!

  2. Man I've been trying to trow a bonfire party for ages now, the only problem is that the weatherman keeps fucking up. If it wasn't for his moustache and his silly lastname (Timofeeff) I'd probably kill him by now. So I'm jealous. And again, nice outfit ofcourse. I like your shorts.

    Would you maybe consider swopping links with me? I'll put you in my linklist anyways.

  3. Funny how no one every considers brown as a nice compliment to black or navy. I like how the accessoried take the stage in this outfit. What are the shapes on the shorts?

  4. a bonfire party! im jealous.
    what great style you have!