Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I was tagged by a lovely blogger, Marmelindela!
So I am required to tag 10 more bloggerssss.
I am also required to tell you lovely teapot heads 10 random facts about me.
Here goes...

Fact No.1:
I shake my food on the fork before eating it.

Fact No.2:
I own 5 jumpsuits, 35 shirts, 50 dresses, 15 scarfs, 15 skirts and 7 hats.

Fact No.3:
I draw dicks on everything. I draw dicks on teachers roll books. I draw dicks on classmates books. I draw dicks on other dicks. I draw dicks on your dick. I draw dicks on my phone. I draw dicks on my cat. When I have mash potatoes for dinner I rearrange them into the shape of a dick. I then draw smiley faces on the dicks. Occasionally I draw them with arms and legs. I enjoy drawing dicks.

Fact No.4:
I sucked my thumb until I was 10 years old.

Fact No.5:
On my eighteenth birthday I am going to walk into a sex shop and buy nipple tassels.

Fact No.6:
I am a virgin, and proud.

Fact No.7:
My mouth is a conveyor belt of food. I eat 5 meals a day and my favourite food is sun dried tomatoes.

Fact No.8:
My cat is my best friend.

Fact No.9:
I am going to Africa next year to help the big kitty cats :)

Fact No.10:
If you want people to punch you in the face repeatedly, precede every statement you make by saying "fact".

Now here are my 10 bloggers:
- www.little-bag-of-cocaine.blogspot.com
- www.marmelindela.blogspot.com
- www.laviecestyeye.blogspot.com
- www.pigeonslooksillywhentheywalk.blogspot.com
- www.themagicgoo.blogspot.com
- www.fashionforestry.blogspot.com
- www.colormekatie.blogspot.com
- www.luciaholm.blogspot.com
- www.what-is-written.blogspot.com
- www.miriamskafferep.blogspot.com


  1. 50 dresses! I'm mad jealous!! number 6, congrats, well done, me too :)

    hahaha, nipple tassels. cute.


  2. Hahaha! What a coincidence! I draw dicks on everything as well. On every test I made there is at least one dick. I love to draw them with wings and halo's too, you should try that, it will look like a holy dick. One of my favourite foods is sundried tomatoes too, and I used to suck my thumb for a long time as well! Almost creepy isn't it? I just wish I bought nipple tassles when I turned 19...

    Man, everyone keeps tagging me back. I guess I had that one coming, if it means that I have to list 10 more facts and tag 10 more people then I think I'll pass and just pretend I haven't seen it.

  3. haha, wow, you have many clothes! i think my wardrobe could rival you, though.

    what a great 18th birthday present! hahaha.

    and having a cat as your best friend is a good thing, i'm telling you.

  4. I like Fact No.8 especially.

    I've tagged you on my page. I think you're neat..
    And have fantastic hair.

  5. Hey there bloggy friend - missed reading your posts! Ive been away, my puter has been very bad. Love that last fact!

  6. Fact 3: We call a person who draws dicks everywhere a penis bandit :D
    I just found your blog and love it, your style and hair is so inspiring to me!