Saturday, August 8, 2009

Zoe's 18th

The food was amazzazing. I always love marveling at Zoe's creations. On my 17th birthday she cooked my cake. It was so perfect it even had penis shapes on it and jaffas as icing.
Happy 18th Zoe!


  1. I want a cake with penis shapes as well! And you just made me very hungry.

  2. ahhhw yeh i also want a penis cake! this looks sooo perfect, such a sweet 18th birthday

  3. YUMM!!! I bought a cupcake for my mom once at an erotic bakery. It didn't have a penis on it though... instead it had a vagina. For some reason I thought that was more interesting looking. When I handed it to her she looked perplexed,

    mom -"what's that on the cupcake?"
    me - "umm.... a flower?"