Thursday, May 7, 2009


Today I had school. I didn't wear this because we have a uniform. Speaking of uniforms, I signed up for a proxy site list and had a great conversation with the guy that founded it. I thought he had some great stuff to say in his introduction email. His name is Bennett. Have a read:

My name is Bennett and I set up the new Circumventor sites and mail them out to people. I run as many of these sites as I can for free, to help people get around Internet blocking in totalitarian dictatorships such as China, Iran, North Korea, and high school :)

I first set up the site to help support free speech rights for people under 18 on the Internet. Recently we've been focusing on these "Circumventor" sites to help get around Internet blocking, which are also used by users in China and the Middle East to get around their own governmental filtering as well.

I hope that in our lifetimes we'll see teenagers start to get treated more like adults and less like "children" -- most people don't know this, but for most of human history, teenagers really were classified as adults, and rose to the challenge and handled all of the rights and responsibilities that it came with. It's pretty ridiculous that now in the 21st century, a 17-year-old can't even get a library card without a parent's signature. Luckily I think the tide is turning and eventually we may see younger people allowed to have real, full free speech rights, make their own housing and medical decisions, hold real jobs, even vote.

But, one thing at a time. At least now you can access what you want on filtered computers :)


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