Monday, February 1, 2010

Peter Pan

Chubbah chub chubbah chub.
I would like you all to be disappointed in me because I have yet to invest in either a chicken suit or gorilla suit. I desperately need to be anonymous for a day and hump all different kinds of strangers and pester small children and their public (preferably a busy city). I would then get my boyfriend to dress up as a banana and I would chase him around in a gorilla costume OR I can be a chicken, he can be an egg.
Oh, MLIA, I will be worthy soon!

BTW, this was my "OMGZ JUMP IN AIRS YAYZ!" attempt. Fail.

Oh, and I am pretty sure the dress isn't vintage. It was indeed thrifted although the tag is fashion fair (an absolutely horrible teen fashion store) so I took off the tag and tried to convince myself that it was a 60s mini dress. Good work Tash. Good work.


  1. woot woot. I'm the first to comment. Even if it's not vintage it doesn't matter. You can pull anything off. Even white tights. Wish my legs could look like yours rather than fat tubes of marshmallow.

  2. These white tights look so 60s! veeeery nice idea!

  3. I love the peter pan collar of the dress - so cute!

  4. 60's or not, it is a very cute little dress!
    And I really love the white tights + heels. That's neat~ :D

    (MLIA is awesome!)


  5. YAY i just found you on lookbook
    a place i never usually look....
    but i did and there you were!

    i shall return!

    ps: nice whites :)

  6. that dress is gorgeous. who cares if it's not real vintage? i do that all the time, especially on my blog. i hate figuring out if something is really 'vintage' or just 'thrifted' so i'm like 'ah, fuck it, it's old and it belonged to someone else, ergo VINTAGE.'