Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm back

Welcome, bloggers, to another one of my pant wetting experiences. I found a fantastic opshop and grabbed 16 dresses without prices on them. When I walked up to checkout I proceeded to ask how much for all the dresses and the guy responds "$5.00 mate." Not believing him I said "Each?" then he goes "Nah love, $5 bucks for the lot." I handed over my money then jumped into the sunset to slow romantic music with my bargain bag of goodies.
Love. Life.

I would also like to take this opportunity to apologize for my lack of blogging. I could sit here and tell you that I live an extremely busy life filled with excitement and social events...except that would be a lie and the truth is I'm just really fucking lazy.


  1. you lucky poo head
    that's so cool hahaha

  2. ahhh that is so lucky!
    & your dress is freaking amazing.

  3. Oh my word, you lucky ladybug! I can only hope for luck like that.

  4. AHHH, I think I really did just wet my pants...

  5. Wow, that's amazing. I love it when really awesome things happen to really awesome fashion bloggers...!

  6. Oh wee! Love the bow/bow-tie signature style thing you got goin on for you :)