Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Blues

"My driving instructor told me that I should wear a seatbelt because if I were to crash, the force could throw me out of the car.

I can't believe that he thinks Star Wars is real."


  1. aaaahahah! if only it was real...

    White stockings! I love them~ they are so blindly bright and wonderful~


  2. Haha.

    I love this dress! It makes me want to make sounds like "Awooshywooshywoowoo".

  3. Alright, I've notice you dig bowties, ALOT.

    Thus, I've decided you must be the queen of bowties, I've never seen a n'other person that can work them like you. Yep yep... I've made up my mind :P

  4. love, love, love those milky tights...