Monday, October 26, 2009


Dress: Vintage Market - $35 (fell in love with it!)
Lace Collar: Antique Store - $6
Bag: Thrifted - 50c or $1. Cant really remember anymore.
Socks: Best&Less - $2.99
Heels: Beyond Retro - London - $20

This is my new favourite summer look. In other words I have decided to be wearing it every day. I may smell like a dog rolling in mud but I will look god damn awesome in the process. Who needs hygiene when you look and smell like an eighties grandma? And, on a completely unrelated note, I am utterly sick of my computer. I am starting to beleive its made of Soviet-era Eastern European calculators held together by duck tape and semen. Stupid peice of crap. Well, umm, I am off to sit in front of the freezer in a bikini.

Dear Summer Season,

Fuck Off.

Sincerly, Tasha.


  1. your style is just awesomely perfect. i love it.

  2. Um, I think any eighties grandma would love to have looked like you do in this outfit!

    Love your new profile pic, by the way!

  3. so, err, i just randomly stumbled across you on lookbook and i think you might be my new favourite person ever. maybe. it's possible.



    faux naïf.

  4. What a lovely dress!

  5. HAHhaha, oh dear is your summer extending his turn? I wish that were the case here in canada. We're beginning to frezze our asses. Your dress is beautiful, and I encourage you to keep on wearing it everyday if it makes ya feel all jolly! But you already are haha.
    Anyhow, have a happy halloween week!

  6. adorable dress and I love the little white socks on you.Where did you wear this?

  7. congratulations, you. you have made me like you EVEN MORE. also, you have earned yerself a spot on my blog list. well done.

  8. i love love love the dress! so awesome.
    did you hem this dress?

  9. Lydia: No actually, I didnt hem it. I assume the lady at the market I brought it from did :)

    Stacy: I wore it to a really non-fashion-conscious shopping mall :P

  10. Where is this vintage market? I neeed to go!! Your style is very cute!