Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Most Fantastic Shoes...Ever

Have you ever seen more beautiful BRAND NEW shoes?
I was searching eBay for granny boots and stumbled across this great seller. The shoes are only $34 US and my daddy brought them for me :)

The lady that owns the shop specializes in shoes for Victorian and Edwardian reenactments and weddings, so everything is just beautiful.
Check out her store here! (i hope that link works...)
And here are some of my favourites!

Now I am saving up for the 4th pair (black lace up boots) hehe


  1. woooow! they really are beautiful! i love the ones you chose, do they have lace on them? or is it just print?
    and i really like the plain black ones.. :D

    Goodle x

  2. Awesome shoes! I love the lace. I also really dig that black and white ones. And the prices. Goooood.

  3. the shoes are a beaut! loving the ones you picked and wouldn't mind owning the lack and white ones..

  4. amazing!
    i'm im love your blog.
    you're so beautiful in the previous pics.
    i love your hair!

  5. I love those spats! They are gorgeous!

  6. ohhh my god! these are amazing. those shoes you chose are gorgeous.

  7. I love those black boots! They're so cute! You must show some pictures with them on =D

  8. ohmygoodness those shoes are awesome!


  9. awesome shoes! lovely blog, firt black shoes are gorgeous...........if you want to see some more gorgeous shoes then visit