Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Black Romper & Sex Shoes

Today I got measured and prodded by a rather sour dress maker because I had to get my prom/graduation dress taken in. The previous owner must have had quite a rack.
On my adventures I also brought a rather fantastic jumpsuit for $4.00 that I turned into a romper! My love for jumpsuits just wouldn't have saved it, sorry, but I wouldn't wear it out looking like a gangster.
The "Best shoes ever" arrived today. They fit like a condom (because glove is way too mature) and I am so happy.


  1. Cute! Your shoes are magical. Ooh and I remember your gorgeous promdress as well, so pretty! Be sure to take pictures of it when it's taken in.

  2. that's such a nice romper. it must be really comfy.

    i'm in love with those shoes. i had to go back and look at the link for the ebay site. my school is doing pirates of penzance this year, and i need some of those types of shoes!!