Monday, August 30, 2010

Dear Followers,

I regret to inform that as of a few weeks my blog will be NO MORE. Yes...I am deleting it.
Why? you are probably aware I rarely use it. I guess it's just not me anymore. I prefer to remain an anon these days...
Sorry if you are a loyal follower, I just cant have an empty blog any more! :(
Please please please add me on Facebook if you have it, I would love to stay friends with the lovely people that comment on nearly every post :D
I will still be using my lookbook for the fashion side of it, and if you do want a little giggle at the fucked up side of my blog I do have a tumblr ( full of image dumps from my computer!

Stay fucked up out there bloggers, it's been a fine ride!
- Natasha (the wooden walrus)


  1. Epic sad face :(

  2. aww that's really too bad! But I guess it's time to move on in the world?
    Have a fantastic, blogless future!


  3. wow. i start catching up with my blogs & all you bitches are leaving. oh well, find me on FB!!! I'll send you an email with my info....your link is broken.

  4. awww, I will miss your inappropriateness. :(