Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I have never actually posted my drawings on here before, so here you go! They are just sketches that I have coloured in photoshop, doodz.
I don't usually make any of it public because its so generic. So many girls draw female figures and fashion and all that shit. I only draw them because I enjoy drawing, I'm not all for making them "art". Owellz.
Peace and chicken grease ♥


  1. these are cute! i think you have a unique take on the subject.

  2. If I was a cartoon I would make babies w/ the first one, and they would all have AMAZING pink mullets.

  3. i'm feeling you walrus.. i'm feeling you.. not literally-or am i?
    i only draw females for my general enjoyment also.
    hanyway,i love the last one.

  4. Ms. Walrus- new reader here!

    I am doubly feeling you on this one! But these are quite superior to the ones that clog up the Etsy print category. Simple, but more interesting than big-eyed, big-headed girls holding something cute and looking non-offensive. These are more like good fashion illustration. Very Biba, in a way.

  5. They're lovely! I like the first the best.

    (new reader here too.)

  6. Peace and chicken grease? Why are you so brilliant? I guess it's because you can :)
    I dig your photoshop drawings! They are cute and sassy, very jolly to look at :D.
    So cheers to them and to you!