Saturday, March 27, 2010

Things That Inspire Me.

Ah, I am so inspired by Lookbook at the moment. Alot of looks are less pretentious and more down to earth, with colour and life! I particularly love the first look. I am slowly starting to dress differently with more colour I also got some AMAZING black lace up boots for $67. I looked all day for some and couldn't find any for under $200 that weren't too big or too chunky that didnt make me look like I'm about to go hiking. I found some in a surf store O.o
There are some photos below;

PLUS I brought a cheap white shirt to draw cats all over, like this one!

I will show ya'll when I'm done :3


  1. I'm a feminist, it's not a dirty word you know...

  2. Yes, so so inspiring! And I love your boots!

  3. I think you would enjoy this post on this blog. Could help you on your way to adding colors and prints. :)
    Love your blog by the way!

  4. those boots are awesome =) you have the cutest style.

  5. Thanks everyone!
    And Isabel I do apologize for using that word, I will change it :)

  6. Great inspiration, especially the first.

  7. Horray for the boots!! They're majestic and kick ass all at once. What were they doing at a surf store though? Tis very funny regardless, I'd love something random like that to happen to me :P

    Lookbook has some amazing people wearing fantastical clothes, I dig all the ones you posted here.

  8. uhmmm excuse me,
    but i just thought i'd do a drive by and tell you...

    that i think your blog is great :)
    x x