Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I have a job!

I now officially work at The Powerhouse, a little fashion boutique in my local mall. I admit, its kind of trashy and not at all my style, but I need the money and I guess it will be fun getting the retail experience. The only bad part is I have to wear the clothes...dun dun dun. Awful thought. I will just have to see it as an excuse to try new things (ew).
Life is extremely hectic and I am making new decisions, some I regret and others I like to view as stepping stones. I need to let loose and be free for a while, its just hard since everything is so familiar. Iano. I should be moving to Melbourne in June or July and starting uni first thing 2011 before the world ends in 2012 (nerf guns at the ready). I am so fucking scared, but I need to be. Life has been to normal for me and I want adventure, nudity and freedom.
*opens imaginative door*

Lets get naked.


  1. HAHAHAH "I want adventure, nudity and freedom"
    My goodness YES. That's brilliant ya know?
    All those things together would be devine.
    BEst of luck m'friend. I hope you enjoy the heck outa life before 2012.
    Cheers to your new job! Good luck with ze clothes too. :C

  2. I really want to see what hideous pieces you'll have to wear at this new job!

  3. I would wear anything if it meant getting a reliable paycheck!!!

  4. your 'about me' is brilliant.

    ha ha ha, is.

    just kidding. you're fantastic! x

  5. Can you borrow the clothes or do they make you buy them?? That sucks, but it's awesome that you're moving and whatnot, I'm moving in late June also to Pennsylvania to get the heck outta Texas... Also feeling a bit scared but way more excited :-) I'll be disappointed if the world doesn't end in 2012, just like the big fizzle that was Y2K. lulz