Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Little Black Dress

I brought this dress today for $49. It has a petticoat underneath and the most adorable bow at the back! *jizz*
Shoes are from Urban Outfitters (fit perfectly!), so is the bag and the hat I got off etsy a while back.
Oh, and don't worry! I am working on a video blog at the moment!


  1. i love this dress... and i really adore your hat the red is so vibrant and sudden :)


  2. Jizz is right! This whole outfit is pretty jizztacular, actually.

  3. Jizz indeed, you predicted my most immediate reaction. Tis a magical, magical dress, and you look a thousand times fantastical in it!
    Also, I'm very jealous of that hat, tis too damn cool.