Thursday, June 10, 2010


Yes, yes yes. Jenna and I are going to Melbourne on the 26th of July to visit our best friend Jessica! We have planned to get drunk on champagne the whole flight even though our flight is at 8am. That's wrong you say? Sign of an alcoholic you say? Well we will just take big steps through the airport in slow-mo because we will be astronauts, and astronauts obviously cant be drunk. So there. Problem solved. Then I will take off my bra screaming "I'M A FREE WOMAN" and throw it at the airport security.

Dear universe, never EVER let me grow up.
Sincerely, Papa Smurf McDonald.


  1. oh, you're so cute.

    hope to bump into you in melbourne!

  2. well, hope you enjoy our ever wonderful city when you do come!